Google FRP Locking System


Hi dear All Today I am Coming with an a information about our smart phone technology provided by our favorite developer Google.
yes its a Big thinks in security. I know you are confusing what i am talking about. its called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Locking technology.
yes its like the Full Form. When some one try to reset their smart device, Google will start ask the previously used account on their device while they boot their device. I know its easy to access our phone with our google account userid and password. but there is a trap on there and its also a protection for our devices.

Just you think, your device was lost in somewhere and you don’t know where you lost or even your device was stole or missed. in this case there is a big chance for miss use your data by someone who got the device. but in most case the thief will quickly shut down our device and maybe do a factory data rest by our android stock recovery because they don’t know whats our lock like pin, password or pattern. in this case he/she will definitely try to reset your device and the google FRP locking system will ask them for a previously used account for future operation of your smart device. we knows its not easy for some other person to identify which account we was used on our device. so the device will stay locked until they give previous account and when they try and try the device will be stay locked and there will be added some time stamps too. firstly the time will start count for 24 hour and if they try to unlock before the time end up it will count from the trying time to again 24 hour. and also after 24 hour they will try to unlock your device and it will locked for 72 hours. so its mean your devices stay locked on their hand until they don’t know your account credentials.

don’t forget its a permanent solution for keep our device locked. there is lot of tools and option like format or flash your device with a stock ROM for get back your device to live. watchbelow video for more guides in malayalam. thank you for reading