Singam 3


Singam 3 has been passed with a ‘U’ certificate, which means children get to watch it in theatres. Before watching the film, we suggest you carry some cotton to protect your ears from damage. Unlike its predecessor, Si-3, as it’s called, is unimaginably LOUD!
Singam 3 Cast: Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan and Thakur Anoop Singh
Singam 3 Director: Hari
Singam 3 Rating: (2/5)
Half an hour into Singam, a fact that is too glaring is how regressive the franchise has become in terms of packaging and characters. When the first film released in 2010, it was an out-and-out money spinner at the box office, that sort of paved the way for Singam 2. Despite a mediocre plot, Singam 2 became the second highest grossing film of that year. After the teaser of Singam 3 went viral, we were hoping that the makers would come up with something solid this time. But we’ve been proven wrong.